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You are a hotel or booking site looking to see the quality of your traffic increase. Together, we can make magic happen. At trivago, listing hotel rates from the best sources on the web has been our focus for the last 10 years, and it’s still our focus today. Hotels and booking sites should be easily found and able to compete online— that’s our goal— through unique possibilities to advertise rates and promote content on trivago. We’ve included more information for you below; get ready to enjoy quality traffic to your site from trivago’s wide audience of travellers.

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Hotel owners, managers + chains

trivago Hotel Manager

trivago Hotel Manager (tHM) allows you to easily manage and build your unique hotel profile on trivago, in order to rank higher in the search results. We have noticed that hoteliers who are actively updating their hotel profile on trivago are receiving five times more clicks on average.

trivago Hotel Manager provides a variety of free and paid marketing solutions, through which you can further improve your performance at any time—so that you can turn our users into your customers.

You’ll have access to a comprehensive breakdown of the main areas that directly influence your online success on trivago: hotel information, reputation and rates, plus clear and simple steps for improving and maintaining these factors. It’s quite easy actually, find out more about it by signing up for trivago Hotel Manager.

trivago Hotel Manager PRO

trivago Hotel Manager PRO is the simple upgrade to Hotel Manager, which drives more guests directly to your hotel. Our flat-rate premium version provides exclusive features to help you increase your visibility and attract traveler’s attention through exclusive hotel news, prominent contact details and detailed benchmarking analytics. We want to give your hotel an absolute competitive advantage.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect does just what the name suggests – connects your guests directly with you. Your rates will be uniquely displayed and our CPC model offers you flexibility in your campaign goals.

You’ll have access to our customized campaign monitoring tools to adjust your CPCs according to your budget and performance, and you’ll be fully supported by our team to ensure you get the best out of trivago—we have a few tips and tricks to offer.

trivago offers a range of Direct Connect solutions for the biggest hotel chains through to independent owner-operated hotels. Whatever your technical capability or resource capacity, we have an option for your hotel(s).

Booking sites

trivago boosts your metasearch presence on a global scale (yes, global) and enables you to compete with more than 200 of your booking competitors. Because we believe everyone deserves a fair chance to compete.

You’ll receive qualified traffic and determine its value yourself— with full, adjustable, control over your campaign using a CPC model.

We deliver comprehensive data in our customized analytics tool, which allows you to monitor your campaign performance on a daily basis. Our technical team ensures a smooth integration and ongoing support, while our Account Managers will personally support you to manage your campaign, and share valuable insights to ensure you achieve optimum results.

If you’re interested in advertising on trivago, send us an email.

CRS providers

Some hotels don’t have the technology or resources to advertise their rates and get bookings from trivago. If they use a Central Reservation System provider, who is compatible with us, we’re able to offer our Direct Connect solutions.

Aligning with trivago provides a new opportunity for your existing customers, and a competitive advantage for you to acquire new customers.