10 of Vienna’s Best Design Hotels

May 19, 2015

London, 19 May 2015. Vienna, with its rich mix of imperial history alongside contemporary architecture, is the perfect location to foster some of the country’s most impressive design hotels. With the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest putting the city in the spotlight, hotel comparison site trivago.co.uk has selected ten of the city’s best design hotels. Drawing upon local and international artists and resources, these hotels have created inspirational spaces containing artwork, bespoke furniture, cutting-edge design and much more. The best part? Vienna is cheap for accommodation, meaning prices start from just £59 per night. 


1) 25hours at MuseumsQuartier


Source: 25hours at MuseumsQuartier

Room (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/25hours_room.jpg

Terrace: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/25hours_terrace.jpg

Interior: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/25hours_interior.jpg

Exterior: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/25hours_exterior.jpg

“Real place, real people” claims the 25hours chain, which boasts seven hotels in five different cities, each tailored to suit the location. In the case of MuseumsQuartier in Vienna, the slogan is “We are all mad here”: playing on Vienna’s long-standing association with shows and music to create a circus-themed haven. The flamboyant design will appeal to Eurovision fans, who can expect wall murals by Berlin artist Olaf Hayek and unique decorations in each of the 217 rooms. Fantasy and reality is blurred here, meaning bathtubs stand on balconies, a lift glides up the outside of the building and a kiosk in the lobby sells everything from eco-friendly bathroom amenities to carefully selected items from Austrian designers.

Rooms available from £59: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/25hours-at-museumsquartier-35604

 2) Der Wilhelmshof


Source: Der Wilhelmshof

Room (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/wilhelmshof_room3.jpg

Garden: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/wilhelmshof_garden.jpg

Room detail: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/wilhelmshof_room.jpg

Suite: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/wilhelmshof_room2.jpg

A true design hotel, Der Wilhelmshof was designed by artist Ty Waltinger and features artwork, poetry, sculptures and much more. Even the garden area is adorned with an 8 metre long tapestry, under which guests can enjoy breakfast, food and drinks – including export wine, beers and liquor. Waltinger’s statement piece is the “5 Steps to Heaven” project, in which he redesigned the five mezzanine levels to create five different worlds, using lighting and artwork to invite viewers to stay and enjoy the atmosphere. Like many hotels in Vienna, Der Wilhemlshof has a “green” policy, boasting the largest solar panels of any hotel in the city and rewarding guests arriving by train with a small gift.

Rooms available from £61: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/der-wilhelmshof-35747

3) Ruby Sofie Vienna


Source: Ruby Sofie Vienna

Room (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/rubysofie_room.jpg

Bar: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/rubysofie_bar.jpg

Exterior: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/rubysofie_exterior.jpg

Lounge: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/rubysofie_lounge.jpg

The creators behind Ruby Sofie Vienna are self-confessed travel addicts, meaning they understand what guests want: class, comfort and value for money. This means a simple yet stylish design, with comfortable beds, walk-in rain showers and little clutter. There is no restaurant, but there is an organic breakfast buffet, bar and café open 24/7 and a kitchen with free hot drinks. Music lovers can plug their devices into the Marshall Amps in each room or listen to the hotel’s own radio station. The hotel is housed within the former Sofiensäle music hall in the heart of up-and-coming entertainment district Landstraße, making it the perfect base for any entertainment-lover.

Rooms available from £75: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/ruby-sofie-vienna-3050948

4) Falkensteiner Wien Margareten


Source: Falkensteiner Wien Margareten

Room (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/falkensteiner_room2.jpg

Restaurant: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/falkensteiner_restaurant.jpg

Bar: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/falkensteiner_bar.jpg

Room2: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/falkensteiner_room.jpg

This flagship hotel from Falkensteiner offers “Lifestyle, Zeitgeist and Nostalgia”, taking guests on an architectural journey from the 19th century to the modern day. Highlights include a total of 195 rooms and suites, a Spa with a rooftop terrace, a tranquil inner courtyard and a restaurant offering traditional Viennese food with a modern twist. In the rooms, the fabrics are reminiscent of the Biedermeier period, while mirrors and crystal light fixtures adorn the walls of the ‘Nepomuk’ bar and ‘Danhauser’ restaurant.

Rooms available from £60: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/falkensteiner-wien-margareten-2882490

5) Boutiquehotel Stadthalle


Source: Boutiquehotel Stadthalle

Exterior (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/boutiquehotel_exterior.jpg

Room: http://imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/boutiquehotel_room.jpg

Restaurant: http://imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/boutiquehotel_restaurant.jpg

Room detail: http://imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/boutiquehotel_room2.jpg

This hotel is best visited in spring or summer, when the garden of lavender and roses is in full bloom and guests can enjoy their breakfast on the terrace. Boutiquehotel Stadthalle prides itself for its lavender garden (which is the largest in Vienna), even creating homemade products for guests to enjoy, such as lavender chocolate and lavender soap. Attention to detail is key here: the range of comfortable rooms feature bespoke headboards, wine bottle chandeliers and daily fresh fruit. As the name suggests, the hotel is located almost adjacent to the Wiener Stadthalle, home to the 2015 Eurovision song contest.

Rooms available from £70: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/boutiquehotel-stadthalle-41728

6) Capricorno


Source: Capricorno

Room (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/capricorno_room.jpg

Restaurant: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/capricorno_restaurant.jpg

Reception: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/capricorno_reception.jpg

Interior: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/capricorno_interior.jpg

Opened in March 2015, Capricorno is the latest offering from Vienna-based Schick hotels, which boasts five privately run four star hotels in the city centre. Each hotel has a different speciality, with Capricorno’s being “life and style”. This means bold fabrics, colour-coordinated rooms and urban art prints on the walls. Each room is equipped with a tablet providing useful information and free for guest use. Visitors can enjoy views of the Schwedenplatz from their balconies and eat at nearby restaurant Das Schick, featuring panoramic views and an Austro-Spanish fusion menu.

Rooms available from £135: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/capricorno-35612

7) Fleming’s Deluxe Wien-City


Source: Fleming’s Deluxe Wien-City

Suite (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/flemings_room.jpg

Room: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/flemings_room2.jpg

Bar: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/flemings_bar.jpg

Exterior: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/flemings_exterior.jpg

Elegance is key at Fleming’s Deluxe, with each room incorporating a stylish, practical and colour-coordinated design. Many rooms feature a shower in the bedroom (a popular feature in Viennese hotel rooms), while a select few boast slanted windows with views over the city. As expected from a five star hotel, the restaurant is fine dining, although the Brasserie & Wine Bar offers a more relaxed atmosphere and an impressive selection of domestic and international premium wines. The hotel is aptly located in the attractive Josefstadt quarter, close to the City Hall, Hofburg and Parliament.

Rooms available from £68: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/fleming-s-deluxe-wien-city-1543087

8) MyPlace City Centre


Source: MyPlace City Centre

Terrace (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/myplace_terrace.jpg

Room: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/myplace_room.jpg

Bathroom: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/myplace_bathroom.jpg

Suite: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/myplace_suite.jpg

MyPlace City Centre offers premium apartment accommodation, allowing guests to experience luxury, privacy and home comforts in the heart of Vienna. With 33 apartments over seven floors ranging between 36 and 105 square metres, guests can expect marble bathrooms, monsoon showers and Azeta design furniture. The rooftop terrace is given a different theme each summer – in the past this has included the city’s first rooftop beach, complete with lounge chairs and real sand. Other perks include Van Moof designer Dutch bicycles, a fitness area on the mezzanine floor and a bar and café in the Lotus Lounge.

Rooms available from £83: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/myplace–city-centre-920845

9) Harry’s Home Wien Millennium Tower


Source: Harry’s Home Wien Millennium Tower

Room (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/harrys_room.jpg

Room2: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/harrys_room2.jpg

Restaurant: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/harrys_restaurant.jpg

Exterior: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/harrys_entrance.jpg

Harry’s home is located in Millennium Tower, a lifestyle and entertainment hub home to over 100 stores, 30 bars, cafes and restaurants and Austria’s largest cinema complex. Guests can choose between spacious studios and apartments, all decorated in a fun and fresh design and equipped with walk-in wardrobes. The huge windows make the most of the views of Vienna and the Danube from Austria’s second tallest building. Each room is fitted with a fully equipped kitchen, making the hotel a popular option among long term guests.

Rooms available from £74: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/harry-s-home-wien-millennium-tower-2274422

10) DO & CO Vienna


Source: DO & CO Vienna

Room (above): imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/doco_room.jpg

Bar: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/doco_bar.jpg

Lounge: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/doco_lounge.jpg

Restaurant: imgec.trivago.com/contentimages/press/images/doco_restaurant.jpg

Location is key for DO & CO Vienna: situated directly in front of St. Stephen’s cathedral, the most important religious building in Vienna can be viewed from a number of the guest rooms. For the best views, guests should head to the top floor DO & CO Stephansplatz restaurant, which features one of the best Sushi and Sashimi menus in the city, alongside classic Viennese cuisine. In the rooms, guests can expect travertine stone, teak wooden floors and Turkish leather to create an urban and luxurious design.

Rooms available from £170: www.trivago.co.uk/vienna-44232/hotel/do—co-vienna-138638

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