Talents & Organization

Our goal is to provide a work environment that best supports our talents needs, as we want to empower them to develop trivago to its full potential. We attract the best talents, accompany them through our recruiting process, help integrate them when they get there and encourage personal development along their trivago learning path. Check out our onboarding process here.

Voices from the team

"I love interacting and empowering people – luckily I get to do this everyday in my role: I help the Talents & Organization teams to move into one direction by letting information flow and getting involved in projects where I can add value. "

Anna Drueing

"Over the years i have developed a deep understanding of how our IT departments operate and aim to make their lives easier by being a reliable source of support and guidance on all HR matters. I love making genuine connections with people and find this part of the job very rewarding. "

Patrick Kuster